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John Lennon
"So This Is Christmas"

Fair Warning: Some disturbing scenes.


Paul McCartney
And Wings Sing
"Wonderful Christmas Time"


"Ding Dong, Ding Dong"
George Harrison
Rings In The New year



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What's The Difference?

Inspired by true events, writer/director David Trueba’s multi award-winning box office hit Living Is Easy (With Eyes Closed) is a buoyant and heartfelt comedy set in conservative, Franco-era Spain, about a free-spirited English teacher’s quest to meet his idol, John Lennon, and the inspirational effect he has on two young people who share in the journey.

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A sneak peek at the special new set featuring the album Venus And Mars, with many bonus extras.

Venus And Mars  (Reissue) is now available from Amazon.

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Also a sneak peek at the special new set featuring the album At The Speed Of Sound, with many bonus extras.

Wings' At The Speed Of Sound  (Reissue) is now available from Amazon.

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Five Beatles fans immortalized in Ringo Starr photograph reunite with the musician in Las Vegas.

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Have a very Happy Christmas, joyful Holidays
and all the best for a Happy New Year ...


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